Goat Fucker Kuroi'SH From Western Sahara

Website Got hacked by nofawkX-al & shkupimaster just to say fuck you little kid :D

/     KUROI'SH THE GOAT FUCKER         \
\     HE CAN'T STOP                    /
  \               __ 
   \             (oo)
    \            (  )
     \           /--\
       __         / \  \ 
      UooU\.'@@@@@@`.\  )
      \__/(@@@@@@@@@@) /
           `YY~~~~YY' \\
              ||    ||   >> 

Kuroi'SH, is mental retarded and mad, stupid kid didn't had an idea how to use vpn, and lied he was in prison for hacking.. LOL
The real truth is he wasn't in prison, mommy take his lap top and he had arrest at home :v
You're talking about Albania? Bitch Please where is Western Sahara? A damn poor Country in Africa surrounded by goat fucker's and full of Aids..
You're trying to troll me but you called yourself gay in our conversation.... so how did you troll me? HaHa
You're just a piece of shit with a damn Aids Anonymous Mask..
Enjoy your Goats in poor Sahara :v

Kuroi'SH doesn't
take no for answer and is constantly crying and begging me to accept him. Here you will find his admittance of being gay, mentally retarded,
and autistic. Enjoy the screen shots and judge for yourself..

For Example Screen Shots: